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I have been drawing since before I can remember. There is still a drawing of a house and an airplane on the wall in my parents living room. It is a little hidden because I was so little and trying to be sneaky. The fact that my parents never painted over it, and in fact painted around it really kickstarted my life as an artitst. Please enjoy some of my drawings and if you get any ideas for gifts or projects or just like the idea of putting Art Everywhere, please contact me.

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To get in touch, please use my online form or email me @ jkellogg@kelloggswork.com


Jamie Kellogg

Art Everywhere

3071 Pixley Hill Rd 3071

Scio, NY 14880

What's New?

New Exhibition

I currently have a painting on display at Better Days Pub in Wellsville. I also have a couple of works on display at the Hedgerow Bakery in Alfred, NY.

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